Uncommon Courage

#GalTalk: What’s going on Australia? With Phillipa Edwards

September 15, 2021 Andrea T Edwards Episode 10
Uncommon Courage
#GalTalk: What’s going on Australia? With Phillipa Edwards
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The longer you’re away from your home country, the weirder it feels to watch what is happening in it, especially in the last decade or so. As a long term overseas resident, you are definitely aware that you hold onto a romantic view of home – because it’s always home in your heart – so it can be super challenging watching it change, not for the better. I definitely understand the migrant families we grew up with more today, although I didn’t have all of the experiences they had on the journey in their migration to Australia, especially those who arrived as refugees. 

Unsurprisingly, my sister, Phillipa Edwards, is equally passionate about what’s going on around the world, but especially in Australia. She speaks up, does all she can to raise awareness on the issues that matter, and challenges people to think critically. As someone whose career has always been in the performing arts, she has a lot to offer there too, and the damage being done to an area of study and expertise, that is critical for the future of work. Seriously, sometimes you want to put you head in your hands and weep at the damage being done to the next generation and society. 

So here’s your chance to meet my sister – if you haven’t already – for my first #GalTalk, something I hope to do with lots of different women in my life, and we’re talking about the issues that matter in the world. Phillipa will be a regular, because we need some sauciness. 


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Andrea Edwards, welcome to uncommon courage. And my sister is my guest today, and she's already laughing at me. But that's to be expected anyway, uncommon courage is all about having the conversations that we need to be having as part of the human collective, because we've got a lot of work to do to make sure that we have a future that our children want to be part of that anyway, this is our first Girl Talk. I'm really happy to have you here. And you're going to be here a lot and doing a lot of this stuff with me because there's a lot of things to talk about. Unsurprisingly, my sister also has an opinion about many, many things. So welcome, Philippa. Thank you so much for having me, Andrea, really, really pleased to be here. Yeah, we will have some fun, and it's okay to swear. But we try not to okay. But you know, the idea is why turn off people that we don't need want to turn off. But you know, sometimes you just got to swear. And have you noticed that swearing has increased exponentially in the public domain since basically, since Trump and obviously the pandemic? Yeah. So there's lots more foul language out there in the world, which makes us feel a bit more normal, right? Yeah. But I've got an opinion that if you're put up by swearing, but not by genital mutilation, then I think there's something wrong with you. Well, that's a really good point. Yeah, very well put. Anyway, Philippa celebrated with my sister, you got a lot of strings to your bow, you've done a lot of things in your life. Give us an overview of Philippa and all the things you do. Well grew up in a Victorian logical and went to school in Aubrey at the Catholic school with you know, what, for the things that go on and epic both escaped rocky to Melbourne, as soon as we could, I think I was a scene and two weeks in your ATM, maybe one week before we made the greatest day. And at the Melbourne, got a music degree from the College of the Arts on trumpet, which means I'm less useful than a barista, then a lot of teaching and conducting. I do a radio show every second week on three in Korea. It's an art weekly show, we're talking about all the things going on in Melbourne in the art scene, teaching it a low socio economic schooling, Daniel's teaching music, there are two projects, the high street recent studies, oldest you sent and going very brass, which is Australia's newest, a great brand. And I've got a company called sanquin Productions, and it's the community 3d based organizations. And our main thing is to connect the community to professional kind of realm, if you will, but also give opportunity to everybody and make sure everyone has a fair access to Yeah. And I think, you know, the arts being where you are sitting in the center of the arts, we've seen a lot of suffering and pain in the community over the over these last sort of 1819 months government, especially in Australia, not necessarily supporting and you know, it's been a really, really difficult time for people in the arts have any sort of field, right? Yeah. So I suppose for you personally, you've seen a lot of pain in the last sort of 1819 months of people that you know, and care about in the arts, in the arts fields, and, you know, whether they're musicians or painters or whatever they all of them, we've probably seen a lot of people suffer, right? Yeah, a lot of people like they lost their livelihood, they lost everything, everything at the core of themselves. And I think the worst part of it was, the government didn't seem to care. There's an ad campaign in England optics, somewhere, it was like, like a ballet dancer, she could retrain one of those something. And it's like, she's trying the whole life, be a ballet dancer. And you're just saying to me, like, you know, someone learning how to make sandwiches, it's been crazy to see how little the out has been respected. So when you look at the future of work, a lot of the skills, the soft skills, right, and they look at the universities around the world, that they're sort of, they're clipping back on the arts, you know, and you look at all of this stuff, that the skills that we actually need in the future, all arts and creativity related, and then the governments of the world. Yeah, they're taking it all away in it, all it's going to do is damage the future for all of us.
The best people are not leading that the human rights are the only group on the planet that the weakest and the most stupid are the ones that lead the pack. So many of us are being led by the most stupid at the moment. Yeah. Well, but it also goes back to the Churchill comment in World War Two. It was something along the lines of are we what it was it we have to stop funding the art so that we can fund the war Churchill said, Well, what are we fighting for? You know? Yeah, so it's a really hard time. But on top of that, you are also a teacher during the pandemic, and you're also a mother with three kids at home. I mean, not only one still at school to at university, and how's that being lucky without Katie middle 12 was doing 12 and she's a really social kid. She's been using the four factors of the school and
To feed off other people's energy, and she was just in the bedroom the whole time, the eldest doesn't is not that kind of person. She doesn't mean she's more intrinsically motivated. But she just did the work. And she was working at work. And the youngest week, you know, Gemini kind of tag thing with him to keep him on track. And he quite like being at home and puttering around. But then Jeremy is in the front room teaching trumpet, I was in the middle ear, we had a mold infestation in our house, and we couldn't go anywhere, couldn't do anything breathing, and the kids got sick. During one room, Jeremy was really good for the kids, that everything, they have their own bedrooms, they have their own technology, they have good technology, they have good Wi Fi, they have the head thing, they have people to help them. And in in here, I'm teaching kids that don't turn the videos on, because there's like 10 kids in a room, or they don't have videos on that, or the cameras are broken, or they don't have Wi Fi. Or they have to ration the Wi Fi for the family where they can't do this, because they're just like in this room. And it's just been amazing to see. And perhaps it's some people, and there's no reason, it does not have to be like that. We're trying to get some computers together for the kids here. Because obviously in Thailand, a lot of the schools that don't have computers that don't have Wi Fi, there might be one phone in the house, but not necessarily a Wi Fi, you know, and it makes you realize how lucky we are when my boys complain, you know, they've got everything that they need to learn, and the schools amazing, but there's so many children around the world. And I think you know, what you've seen and what you've experienced, it's just when it's in a rich country like Australia, when you see that divide, and the fact that nobody really seems to care to change it well, compared to them is like is that mean? That somewhere, someone is getting something that they shouldn't. And that's what it's all about. Not giving things to people that need them because they shouldn't have them and the sort of Christian stuff coming up now they feel strong. And I've come up with the Bible for that. So basically, if you're rich to go when you do rich, and if you're poor to go 1234 and that justifies a whole lot of revolting behavior. And I'm so one thing we want to protect is encouraging people not to show empathy, because that's not a good thing. And so what what are you what, where are we going? Is
it better to have it, it's hard to have the different states and they're out there feeding and not getting paid. And all these big churches that get all these big tax breaks and millions of dollars, and they're getting tired and all the rest of it, there's no, there's no sense that they're out there helping anybody raking it in. Yeah, it's pretty obvious the disparities around the world. But as an Australian, it makes me feel a bit ashamed to say some of the stuff but as an Australian overseas, obviously, I've been watching the COVID situation take off around Australia, and you guys got hit later, and you're being hit hard off, and I'm seeing it through your eyes and my other friends back home. I've been completely staggered by how the federal government has made it so much harder for the state governments, especially if they're in the opposition parties, like you've got in Victoria. But then of course, there's all this media bullshit that comes with it. And you share a lot on that. So I don't think many people really appreciate the Murdoch Empire owns about 65% of Australian media, especially the rural media. And you know, if you know Australia, you know, that matters. But with social media reaching that actually is actually quite a lot higher. But sitting in Melbourne, where as a city, I think first all of Australia, you guys have gone through the worst of it. And in fact, you were the city that had the longest lockdown in the world. How do you even make sense of what's been going on from that political sort of levels of bollocks that's been going on? Like, how do you cope with it?
Like the very first day of the very big lockdown last year when the COVID came in through quarantine, which just federal responsibility, and they knew it was coming and I did nothing about it. They let us check for inquiry, reprint different offer when they got into this federally run aged care home, which have no requirement for nurses or anything like there's no ratio, or anything so but only to Melbourne. And I think that's 800 elderly people died by the time they got into the home, you know, their final days for the app calling through them. And most of the people in there were just low paid migrant workers, you know, caring beautiful people, but they weren't nurses. And there weren't enough of them because federal around the phones by people making a lot of money out of it. And then the very first day, the very first press conference we ever was sitting on the telly. I think it's 11 o'clock, maybe a cannon remember. And we just wanted to know what was going on and what we need to do. And we like listo and the media the pylon was appalling that it was just rabid. And the questions were mindless, endless crap vote. Daniel Andrews. You know, it was made mistakes that he has today every day. I can't remember how many days last year and as every stupid question for an hour and a half, two hours and they've been such stupid questions and you can
Even if we can see you, you just want to say these generals, we can see you we know what you're doing. And they've been caught on to things and then things even now for making out New South Wales the gold standard and bagging at Queensland and Western Australia for closing their borders because their labor. But South Australia and heavy liberal states, they've also got quite sporty never hear about that. But what are you doing? This isn't a football match. You're pitting people against each other. And even last week, we found out that these as well, they didn't lock down when they fitted, I will tell you they didn't. virus is now going out into the Aboriginal communities one found the 30% of the Aboriginal peoples and has smaller homes, not simply because they have nowhere to isolate. I have no food, they have nothing they have no, they've got one hospital would have been added to the Aboriginal community, those bad things, but since those areas into Sydney, in sort of your journey to Sydney, when the big outbreak came in June, now those First Nations people, and now God forbid. And last week, we found out that we all sent extra back things up. So we didn't have enough vaccines to buy my car cops didn't order enough, even though I'm rambling. Yeah, hey, so he was approached last June, and to have a stroke front of the queue. And to be, you know, the paperwork, they're going to get Pfizer in here and get it sorted. And Greg hunt, our health management said give me revived and he did not when he said some, you know bureaucrat in who was rude to them, apparently, according to Dr. Norman one. And November is when they approached him again and said, Do you want them or not, and they were all close. So we haven't had enough. And then yet, so we will send out prizes up this evening. Because we have to figure out break, and then we find out the federal government isn't sending more in. So we're our allocation as well. But they suggest learning being out of control. And then they set up the press conferences and back up because the Victorian bureau resistance to the vaccination, it's like we're not resistance. We don't have any people are queuing a lock a day to get their best thing. We have not had that thing. But every instance I have just made it so bad. And they lie all the time. They have no shame, and no accountability. I'm embarrassed. Yeah, it's um, it's a bit mind boggling like watching what's going on. Because, you know, when you're in a global pandemic, the only thing we've ever needed right from the word go was unity worldwide. And we haven't had it and we haven't had global leadership. And that didn't help obviously, in the Trump era, but then we at least, should be able to count on national unity because we're all in it together. And, you know, when I heard the news about going out into the Aboriginal communities, I just think that's completely inexcusable, if they should be protected, but more than anyone else, you know, and, you know, you heard it in the beginning, you know, it was going up into the indigenous communities in Canada and and the American indigenous communities were trying to protect themselves from outsiders coming in and stuff. But like it to me, at this point, these far down the line, it's absolutely bloody, inexcusable. And then to not be rapidly moving some sort of medical facilities into the area, like through the military, at least, you know, but then workers, the aborigines don't trust the white man for good bloody reason. So you know, but if it didn't have to get there in the first place, but you know, it just how much it's out in the countryside of Australia, as well as a huge concern, because that's where most of the elderly citizens live. It's like the division, you know, and like this, there is no benefit to the division. We keep voting these stupid people in, that are creating more and more division, and we need to come together as a global society, not just for COVID but for the environment crisis. And it's just if people will vote the mean, you know, will who's going to be voted out with the Liberal Party be voted out if there's another election they have been? Every time I got in on the daggy. gag, the Labour Party put through progressive ideas board, liberals did nothing the quad Australians read people that don't want to lose their franking credits and wants our prices to go up. When are we going to stick with this one? Yep, I've stuck with him. And pretty much soon after that, push right fires and he has absolutely decimated so many levels of this country. We are down. We are just we have dropped off the planet, in respect of women at work, children, education, everything. And there are two people that that will say all they care about is house prices. As long as house prices keep going up. They'll keep voting these sides so it doesn't matter that they covered up a racing column, the house that has he ordered the new choppers with the fire season coming up. We don't know. Things like that. That's heavy down there. As they do we have the next the booster shots coming through for for vaccinations. Do we have that? We don't know. No one tells us anything. He's only cohort. He's aiming for what? Men kind of middle aged men. Don't keep in keep in keep saving. You didn't lose
The white men vote when all that news came out about the sexual harassment and right in Parliament and just the complete disrespect towards women. So you kind of gotta wonder what the hell's going on with the men in Australia, if they, you know, because they've got wives, mothers daughters like that, just that, you know, I mean, you know, I think I think of the Australia that I left in 1995 it always felt like a really progressive country, you know, obviously wasn't perfect, but it was certainly switched on to things like the environment crisis. Yeah, mainly because, you know, we had the ozone hole over us and all around us people were getting skin cancers, even in our own family, right, it was accepting of foreigners, because, you know, apart from the First Nations people, we are all technically foreigners in Australia. I kind of think over the decades, I've just watched it become this inhumane country's treatment of Aboriginals, but all the way through to protecting its economy at all costs. But it's becoming a global pariah with a lot of countries, European and Americans, because it won't commit to the Paris Climate Agreement. It's actually the book they've been protecting from an environmental perspective. And then the, you know, the Australian stood up against China, like good Anya made that work well, but you know, I mean, you're good on him, I didn't actually think that was a bad thing that they did, but they didn't get supported. But now all these other countries, and not only did they not support them, then they're also saying, if you don't commit to the Paris Agreement, then we can't do business with you anymore. So hoping your per house prices are going to go up when you're seeing what the world is starting to sort of think about towards Australia as it keeps digging up that shit that it keeps sending overseas to get burned. You know, like, it's not looking good for Australia. And is it the same country? What's happened to it? How did it get it used to be an environmental Mecca, and now
on top of
the media
70% or 65 70%, very dope, CHANNEL SEVEN, Terry Stokes is the guy that is speaking out for him bankrolling one of the affair soldiers overseas that was done for murder, and fashion up his wife and the rest of it at Pegasus Zelo channel. No, he has LNP fundraisers at Channel Nine studios, the media and then IBC has infiltrated by looking for new people, because their funding is reliant on the government. And if they keep the government off, they get their funding, and they have their funding. So now, all the flagship shows in the ABC, are run and hosted by LNP. Friends, and they have balance, which means I've got some crazy in there to provide balance, and they register and then any other with balances, you don't have to actually prove it's right. There is no, there's no law, there's the laws, you don't have to be truthful. In an election, you don't have to tell the truth, there's no law to say that what you put forward is true. So last election apama, for all the stuff out there was not true. And a little bit of digging would have found that a walking through and that and that's what we're stuck with. So every Carol sun, the age is also with Peter Sellers. So the two Melbourne newspapers. Right leaning all of our freedom to television is right leaning and the ABC has been twisted, we can't help everyone. And you just give up people just give up. And so we are also the other thing is the media is so easy to manipulate because they they get the talking points from the Prime Minister's office, and they just don't. So when the fall of the ball, apparently, our prime minister who just told her, I hate to plane on the tarmac. So my mother and her child didn't get on board, and voted three minutes too late to get on board before leaving and shooting off into the sky. And I was on Twitter and all these factors and maybe people in people saying that absolutely impossible. In the chaos of the airport. from Scott Morrison's office in Australia, he worked out as a mother and a child, but maybe get on a plane and kept it on the ground for three minutes. And there was no one I just printed knowledge.
And I'll forget, one of the things we've got to work out right is that people have given up right, and they've really given up and this is the thing that concerns me so people are so overwhelmed by the amount of bad news around the world. You know, they hear the climate emergencies. So it's getting so serious now people are just they're in despair, right? The pandemic is trudging on and I think at this point, most people I'm talking to are going through a really tough time and we are with the last few weeks Steve and I are just like, you know, it's hard. It's hard to it's a real marathon right? Like all these horrible nasty ridiculous people like they're not going to go away right? So we've got to find our balance and defined our hope and and find the goodness in and we've got to you know, I always talk about you've got to speak up on social media you got to share especially in countries like Australia where the dominance of the media in one direction is so high like fine if the right wing want to have their perspective. But if you're a left wing person and you don't have as much
presence in that media landscape. And that's not right, we need to say to the people who feel that they're not being heard or that they don't have a voice, you do have a voice, we've all got a voice today, we've all got, we've got access to the most amazing communication platforms that have ever existed in humanity. For the first time, we actually are the editors of our own lives, we can contribute, we can participate, but so many people give up and they don't want to participate, because they have given up but that's, that's like giving into it. And we can't give into it. We've got to keep fighting, right, and you're doing it you're fighting. I feel like, yeah, I've had a few people relative that said, you know, I'm not gonna see you later, not going to whatever. And I have made comments. It's like, yeah, whatever, I don't see, I don't even care. I think it's courage and courage. And courage isn't about, you know, standing up for the little things, it's like, just share a post, you don't make a comment, little just click the Share button. And, and just little things like that, it's like, just poke your head up a little bit, and put it back down again, so little tiny little things, share something, reach out to someone, just just a little something, just do something that you're comfortable with, and just get more and more comfortable doing things because it's just that little bit of freaking tsunami going. And we would have to Yeah, and it's so true. Right? You know, we obviously both share a lot. I always encourage people to put their opinions with what they share to tell people why they're sharing stuff because well, you know, really putting because I can I share things that I don't agree with as much as I do agree with so video, you're right. If I if just sharing something is all you've got, I think it's important to drive people into the knowledge that you're sharing, which is why your opinion matters. But yeah, we need the other thing is don't fight like relatives, right? And people with their opinions. I'm like, they're welcome to them. They really are. Sometimes I get a bit pissed off. But most of the time, I don't care, because I know why I'm doing what I'm doing. I know why I'm sharing what I'm sharing. Right? So I'm just out there. And I'm like, that's right. You don't have to agree with me, if everyone agree with maybe a bit boring anyway. But what else can we say to the people who are just really struggling? Like, you know, the last election in Australia, so when they when they did the abort the Marriage Equality Act? Oh, my god, that was? Well, first of all, that was awful. Yeah, that was awful. shameful. Yeah. That's, that's another
like. So cross, pivoting now about trying to get the premier to open up and pivoting Now think about mental health succeeds, and all the rest of blah, blah, blah. And yet, his mental health problems? Absolutely. The kind of report came out, and there's not been any more suicides than any other time. So it's a fact. And despite the evidence, they still keep pushing that the kids keep mental health is mostly about climate change. And the world they are living in at the moment, it's not about being locked down in pandemics young people's mental health problems come from that will probably never owned a house, and the job insecurity that's going on. So what the the liberal kind of right wing has twisted it. So it's all about the kids being locked down. And they don't even tend to back it up with any.
But they don't even care. Because they know everything they say will be put on the front page. And it will put down as visits to ask them to say something. Basically, if you're hanging out with politicians, on all the rest of it, you're not a reporter your report yet. And that's exactly what they are. They just, they're just, they're just propaganda for the for the politician, global propaganda. But going back to that referendum, a lot of millennials registered to vote so they can specifically vote for that. But then when it came to the national election, not not long after I was like six months later, a lot of the millennials took the fine and didn't vote, because if you've outside of Australia, it's compulsory to vote. And if you don't vote, there's a fine, which is unusual, you know, you know, the reality is, by 2028, we will have finally have more voting power than our parents as Generation X. But millennials already have more voting power than their parents and grandparents. But they're not using it even in a country where they haven't used it. And I think that's a big problem. like they've got the power now, we won't have it for a few more years, but they've got it and I just kicked young people have got to get involved. They've got to participate. They've got to vote. They've got to raise their voices, you know, like but going into despair over climate change is a part of the process of accepting that we have a crisis on our hands. But then the next step is to get out of it is to take action and voting is a minimum, you raise the kids, they're not putting up with it anymore.
We've been through a couple of projects the last couple of years, but on the on the willing to date one in a city. And we're very, very, you know the behavior from where I'm at.
And the Women's March as well as
1000 of them and lots of ambassadors because it's fine.
Men are going, Oh, okay. So what happens to women doesn't kind of affect me, but it actually really does affect me. And it's true and all 97% of things that are reported a true, but all your they hear about is the one that's not true. And they they kind of I think it's the Great Awakening is happening. People are waking up and realizing Oh, wait, waiting desperately would be desperate for the last whatever you setting is 20 years I reckon. Yet alive ever since. I reckon ever since 2001 911. Robert, yet 911 how it came in on the live and the children overboard, and everyone just bought it, and went along with it. And then a downward spiral. Yeah. And Amina world with less compassion, less heart, less care. And you know, we're about we're about to have millions of climate refugees turning up on borders, we're not ready for it, what are we going to do? Just leave them, you know? Yeah. And they, and they're in countries that didn't cause it, we're in countries that did cause it. But then, you know, the irony here is that the countries that did cause it will also suffer. So it's not like it's going to be over there. Like it always has been. I mean, we've got a whole global society that is built on human suffering, you know, the clothes that we buy, someone suffered for that, you know, and we, we just don't acknowledge it. We don't acknowledge our part in it as consumers as well. And I, and I just want a world where we can start going in, it's not about guilt. I just think it's time for us all to stand up and go, Wait a minute, are we willing to accept this? And are we willing to accept our part in this anymore? Or are we ready to change in and create something better? You know, because we can, it's up to us? We can do it. We can do anything. Human can call coaches.
We can have anything. But we just Yes. I had a good point before now forgotten that.
I'll remember it. No, I was in the gym. I swear to God.
It's funny, the more Christian or comfy get the worse. Okay. Yeah. I remember Oprah, I watched Oprah once and she went over to Denmark, Sweden, one of the countries and, and she said something, or kotlin, when she said that you could see the light bulb going on her writing have religion, or that religion wasn't, is like a very small part of a community. And the bottom line was, but everyone's looked after
people had somewhere to leave. People get fed. And, and they didn't have religion. And I realized that it needs religion. And the more religion you have, everywhere you everywhere you look, Afghanistan here, America. Yeah, the more the more religious people out, but it's, I think it's the area of the brain. Really, I gotta work it out. You know, we've both made a lot of people who are individuals who are amazing, and they're religious people, and they're beautiful. And they're doing amazing work, but they're the institution of religion, I think, has become so broken and corrupted. I mean, you know, from the pedophiles, to, you know, the financial side of it, it's one of those really, really big topics we could talk about for a long time. Did you read my chapter on suffering in Korea? Right. So yeah, that sort of thing, you know, this concept of suffering, and, you know, that sort of embed into you when you were raised in a religious family, like, so did kind of justifies how shaped your life is, rather than, you know, like, you know, it doesn't have to be that way. Right. And it's all about control, isn't it? Yeah. All right. Well, though, so should we wrap it up, because we're going to do many, many chats. So this is an introduction to my sister, Philip or Edwards. And, as you can see, we think a lot of stuff about a lot of things. But I think the fundamental thing that we both want to say is just a more beautiful, compassionate world where we care about the least. And it's not about you know, success, striving, achievement. It's none of that matters. At the end of the day, what matters is to love and to be loved and to be kind and, you know, and you know, the children that you're teaching at that underprivileged school, all we're doing is setting them up for failure in the future, and then we'll blame them for that, but we haven't given them the best chance and I'm, I'm sick of living in a world with that's the norm, you know, like keeping one thing was, if nothing else, the pandemic infecting your house, and we end up within that objective opportunity. You realize you don't need much. You don't need much. I'm growing tomatoes in the front window. We've got chips now and it's like, you need enough enough sadness to know happiness and sunshine to know winter you need just enough and if everyone could just have enough, I think would be good. And then the other thing and forgotten already.
And the other thing is kindness actually so
afraid my I've got a really good boss, the fabulous man, and we both have the same mind. If at all, you will say hello to people and you will
Notice the clothes you always do before that you know what when I say something like I realize shirt. Wow, you got new glasses, rejoicing someone else's face that you've noticed them and you saying something is a big 100 times back at you. And it's such an easy thing and you get so much joy from it. Why wouldn't you do it? Yeah,
you could be fine. Or you could be an asshole.
Yeah, always be kind.
Yeah, always be kind. Philippa, thank you so much for joining me on my podcast. We will be incredibly proud of you too. We will reconvene and might we might get a couple of other shielders and see what conversations we can bring together. What do you reckon? I'll tell ya talk about issues facing women in the world. Well, I'm what we can do about it. We can do it. That's, that's my whole brand. Now, it's time for the matriarchs to rise right. And that's why is it the world is run by mothers and catch up lady. We don't have lunch, a bed and a jumper.
Yeah, so attack shops, canteens in schools in Australia, ISIS everywhere else in the world. What else did you say jumpers are also sweaters and whatever else are according
and a bed? that's consistent? Yeah, globally.
All right.
We'll catch you soon. All right. All right.
Thank you so much for listening to uncommon courage with my sister Philip R. Edwards. As you can see, we were having a couple of sound issues we fell apart and we'll get that sorted out for the next one. big thank you to Priscilla Joseph who is turning into a wonderful editor. Thank you, my darling. Also to Gary Kraus of legend, music Phuket who has done all of my original soundtracks. And if you want to check him out, get in touch and I'll put you in touch with him. If you want to find me. I'm on Andrea t edwards.com. Also uncommon dash courage, calm and pretty much I'm pretty easy to find on social media. Andrea T. Edwards. Thanks for tuning in. There will be more Girl Talk coming up and I'm looking forward to getting some groups of girls together to talk about the stuff that matters to women in the world. Take care of yourselves. I know this is a grindy time as far as the pandemic goes, we will get through it. Cheers